Maquis Du Val

Maquis Du Val is a popular Ivorian restaurant in Abidjan. It is known for its traditional Ivorian dishes, as well as its lively atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city, and is a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

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Our menu

  • Alloco

    A spicy fried plantain dish
  • Missô

    A deep-fried cassava dumpling
  • New

    Foufou gras

    A fluffy fufu made from cassava flour, usually served with a spicy sauce
  • bodoo

    Salad made with shredded yam, tomatoes, and onions, often served with a side of grilled fish
  • Soupe graine

    A hearty soup made with okra, peanuts, and meat
  • Attiéké

    A fermented cassava dish that is often served with grilled fish or chicken
  • Foutou banane

    A type of fufu made from mashed plantains, often served with a spicy sauce and grilled meat
  • Poulet kedjenou

    A chicken dish cooked in a peanut sauce
  • Best seller

    Poisson braisé

    A smoked fish dish, often served with a side of mashed plantains.
  • Gâteau de banane

    A banana cake
  • Beignet

    A type of fritter, often made with sweet potato or plantain
  • Fruit salad

    A salad made with fresh tropical fruits, such as mango, pineapple, and papaya


4 reviews 4.29
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  • 4.67

    Amazing place!

    Donec purus mauris, volutpat id vulputate ac, suscipit in urna. Aliquam molestie sed augue et consectetur. Etiam vestibulum massa nibh.

    Kristiyn Zahariev

    Thank you! We are happy that you enjoyed your meals.

  • 4.00

    Curabitur lobortis felis nec ligula imperdiet, ac bibendum sapien rhoncus. Curabitur quis efficitur metus. Suspendisse potenti.

    Thank you

    Kristiyn Zahariev

    So glad to hear that! We are very happy that you enjoyed your stay.

  • 4.17

    Fusce egestas dui ac eleifend lobortis. Nunc gravida quam id nibh luctus interdum. In porttitor sodales tempus. Integer pharetra turpis et eros accumsan fringilla. Sed consectetur lobortis accumsan. Suspendisse pellentesque dolor pellentesque lacus rutrum efficitur.

  • 4.33

    Hi there,

    Phasellus id dui eu velit elementum convallis. Donec in lectus vel turpis tempor pellentesque at in erat. Proin viverra volutpat porta. Integer sed neque blandit, lacinia sem sed, feugiat magna.

    Kristiyn Zahariev

    Awesome! I hope we will see you again soon.

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